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Dog Licenses

Dog license sales revenue is used to fund the Trumbull County Dog Warden’s daily operations.

There are several ways to register your dog:

  1. Apply Online with an extra fee of $2.25 per tag. Use your previous year's tag number for renewal or register a new dog using the registration form option.
  2. Fill out and mail the registration form with payment to the Trumbull County Auditor.
    Trumbull County Auditor
    160 High St. NW
    Warren, OH 44481
  3. Go to a local dog licensing agent between December 1st and February 29 for one-year tags only.
  4. Visit the Trumbull County Auditor's Office or Dog Warden during weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for one or three-year licenses between December 1st and February 29th.

The following licenses are ONLY available at the Trumbull County Auditor’s Office.
If you purchase a kennel license, you must also purchase a Trumbull County Vendor’s license to collect and remit sales tax to the State of Ohio twice per year. Vendor license fee is $25.

*Definition of "Kennel Owner":
According to the Ohio Revised Code Section 955.02, a kennel owner is a "person, partnership, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or for sale." When a person breeds dogs avowedly as a hobby, "but permits sales to become such a factor that he advertises for sale" the breeding activity and dogs, that person "is professionally engaged in the business of dog breeding" and should be registered as a kennel. The term "kennel" means any pack or collection of dogs, over the age of three months, kept together for the purposes of hunting or for sale. Ohio Revised Code 955.04

(330) 675-2446

Monday - Friday | 8:30am - 4:30pm

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2024 Trumbull County Dog License Fees

If your dog is an assistance dog that helps someone who is blind, deaf, or has a physical disability, you can get a permanent license for free. You need to provide a copy of the certification from a non-profit agency that trained the dog.
Assistance Dog License Application

Emotional support animals do not qualify for an assistance dog license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog licenses are usually mailed and should arrive within 10 business days. If your license does not reach you within this timeframe, please get in touch with us. Please note that there may be additional processing time required from December 1 to February 29 due to the high volume of applications.

Yes, all dogs over three months of age are required to have a license.

You can obtain a replacement tag for $5.00 by providing proof of ownership.

Yes, service dogs such as guide and leader animals are required to have licenses. However, their fee is waived. To validate their service dog status, owners must provide proof from a nonprofit special agency as per Ohio Revised Code, section 955.011. Once registered, service dogs receive a permanent license and unique tag.

Emotional support animals do not qualify for an assistance dog license.

If you move within Trumbull County, please notify our office of your new address and telephone number so we can update your information. If you relocate to another county, please contact their county's Auditor for licensing information.

The proceeds from the licensing program go towards supporting the County Dog Warden's daily operations and license issuance.