Inmate Information

Trumbull County OH-Jail (Site ID 136)
All deposits and pays are through ViaPath’s (GTL) Connect Network.
To login or create an account on Connect Network, please visit:

For other ways to pay or deposit, please visit:

ViaPath Kiosk
Located in the main lobby of the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office. Major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) are accepted. Paying at a kiosk is as easy as following the steps similar to an ATM.

ViaPath Customer Service: (877) 650-4249
AdvancePay Automated Payment System: (800) 483-8314

Inmate Mail
Your personal mail is going digitail
All personal mail from your family and friends such as letters, pictures, and drawings will be digitally delivered to you via the tablet's "Facility Messages" app under the free profile.

Family and friends must now send personal mail to:
Name of facility, State
Inmate Name, Inmate Identifier
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131
For example:
Central County Jail, CA
John Smith, #11111
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131
Do NOT send to this old address:
PO Box 2966
San Antonio, TX

IMPORTANT: To ensure your mail get delivered electronically make sure your family and friends include:
  • Complete facility name (no abbreviations) and state
  • Inmate's full name and identifier
  • Sender's full name and physical address
  • ONLY send personal mail such as letters, pictures, and drawings
  • Follow the guidelines of the facility for checks / money orders and attorney-client privileged mail and DO NOT send to the new (Phoenix, MD) address.
Direct your family & friends to report any mail delivery issues, contact TextBehind support directly at
Quick, Digital Messages
As a reminder, your family and friends can also exchange digital messages with you online or on the GettingOut mobile app.
Send them to:
Posting of Bonds
  • SURETY: You need to contact a licensed bondsman. They generally require 10% of the total bond. This is their fee. In return, they will write a bond for the TOTAL amount of the bond set by the court.
  • 10%: This is 10% of the TOTAL bond set by the court. A money order is required. The money order will be made out to the court by jail staff. The jail does not accept cash, checks, or credit cards at this time.
  • PERSONAL: (commonly referred to as SIGNATURE BONDS, PR, OR): ONLY a JUDGE can issue this. This may be given AFTER the defendant appears in court.
  • 10% and SURETY bonds also require a $25.00 bond fee.